About the ST@C

What is the ST@C?
The Scarsdale Teachers Collaborative (ST@C) is a community of educators seeking to share ideas, collaborate, and learn together in order to provide students with a modern education.

The ST@C is founded on the premise that educators with similar questions, interests and/or passions can connect to one another– regardless of geographic location. Creative ideas can come from anyone and anywhere through the collaborative and can be easily shared. By valuing the interactions of diverse perspectives among educators through online and offline dialogues, new collective thinking will emerge to provide our community with creative ideas for teaching and preparing students for the future.

The ST@C supports educators through the following:

  • Online Opportunities
  • Face-to-face Opportunities
  • Research and Development Opportunities
  • Professional Opportunities

Why is it called the ST@C?

In the pre-Internet era, the picture of library research was often a person seated in the shadow of towering stacks of books, some decades old. Research was often a solitary experience. But times have changed. In today’s online world, information is abundant and current, challenging the researcher’s ability to evaluate for accuracy and relevance. It’s a challenge that does not need to be faced alone. After all, today’s research is social with peers and experts from around the world engaged in ongoing studies– together. Our intention is to redefine today’s library stack. Welcome to our ST@C– the Scarsdale Teachers Collaborative