The Scarsdale Teachers Association Website has returned!

With the website’s new launch comes your first view of the formal contract between the STA and Scarsdale Board of Education for 2016-2020.

Unexpected events this past summer brought the need for a complete rebuild of our website. Through the dedication and hard work of John Calvert, who also publishes the terrific STA Weekly, the website is now ready for your viewing.

With this website, we provide you:

  • Easy access to information and documents that will help you manage your professional and financial lives;
  • An avenue for dialogue with the STA and your representatives;
  • Information on state and national trends affecting the lives of educators, and on actions you can take to support our profession.

Please understand this website is a work in progress, and over the coming weeks, we will be updating and expanding the content you find here.

For now, I invite you to explore the website and review the new contract, and if you have suggestions for future additions to the page, please let me know.


The Scarsdale Teachers Association Website has arrived!

The STA has created this website to provide information you need on issues affecting your finances and profession so you can make decisions that benefit you and your family.  

This website will be a way to highlight actions you can take to promote quality education and fair labor practice in Scarsdale and beyond. This site will also be an avenue for ongoing dialogue between the membership and their representatives in the STA about our working lives in this district.

As you explore the site, you will find links to educational advocacy blogs that can deepen your understanding of issues facing our profession.

We have also provided you with resources the membership has requested in the past, including access to essential documents like the contract and the health plan booklet.  You will find links to POMCO, the Teachers Retirement System, the STI, the PTC’s Legislative page and the district’s webpage. Our intention is to continue to update the site to make it a place that you find to be a valuable resource.

I would like to thank those whose commitment made this website possible: Peter McKenna, Doug Rose, Michael Pincus, Stephen Mounkhall, Dina Hofstetter, Lisa Scavelli, and Jodi Giroux. Special thanks goes to John Calvert who has taken on the work of building the site and helping us realize its possibilities.

For now, we invite you to explore the website, and if you have suggestions for future additions to the page, please let us know.