PTC/STA Advocacy

PTC/STA Communications Document

Over the past two years, the STA and the PTC have engaged in a conversation focused on improving parent/teacher communications. We resolved to create a document that outlined norms of behavior to be expected from both sides in these conversations; this document would then be posted on the district’s website as a reference for parents.

This document has gone through a number of drafts, followed by review from a variety of consistencies. This document is now posted on the PTC’s website, so you may wish to look it over and to be familiar with its contents.

We see this as a living document, one that will be updated in the future. For now, this version describes appropriately how exchanges between home and school should occur.

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PTC Advocacy

Over the years, the STA and PTC have been in agreement regarding the recent changes to educational policy that diminish both the local control of schools and the professional judgment of educators. The PTC posts its positions on these issues on its district page as a means of educating the larger Scarsdale community on these issues.

The link below will bring you to the PTC Advocacy page on the district’s website.

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